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The Fix for Falling Rocker Arms

on the Dodge Ram and the Jeep

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Keeping Your Rocker Arms in Place

Your truck is your baby, and you want to keep it up and running for as long as possible. But dealing with falling rocker arms can leave you frustrated and your truck in need of repair. From reduced mileage to increased pollution, unsecure rocker arms can damage even expertly maintained vehicles.

After discovering a recurrent falling rocker arm problem with his '03 Ram 4.7, owner Jim Hardisty searched for a solution. He tried calling around for a while, eventually making his way to Chrysler's corporate line. Even there, no one had a solution for the issue. Jim decided to take matters into his own hands and with that, the Rockerlock was born. Now, we're making this innovative spring clip available to folks throughout the country.

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