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"So far so good. The only problem that we found was that the top part of the clip could be a 1/16 shorter. A few of them were rubbing on the cam lobes. But still a great idea. Bought 16.This problem was the only one ever reported & has been resolved ."
- Sheldon, Auto Shop Owner

"it did so far so good. thanks, bought 1"
- Jonathon

The Rockerlocks are working great. I plan on buying a few more in case another arm falls off.they're still working strong after 1,300 miles. I think this idea you came up with is ingenious. Sure beats rebuilding the heads and upper engine parts. Thanks a million! bought 2"
- Kelly

"Yes sir that solved the problem I was having I've had other issues with the truck but not related to your product excellent product and I am a diesel mechanic I do a lot of side jobs on cars for friends and stuff and have told a few people about this but most of them have already replaced the motor so I have been buying these motors that they have been taking out for nothing and taking them apart and it's the same thing I had put new lifters in the truck that I was driving and was not having an issue I sold it to an older mechanic friend of mine that is a quote Dodge man and he was crying about them being a extra part and didn't want them in there so when I traded him I took them out of that motor to shut him up about it I have fixed all three of the motors that I have bought with the keepers that I bought from you so now I have 3 Motors ready to be sold for basically free but anybody that has this issue I will definitely fix it and use your product when I need them cuz I only have 3 left once again brilliant idea.bought 16"
- Adam

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